Programme – Day 1 | 26th August 2023

0800 – 0830On-site Registration
0830 – 0900Opening Address
0900 – 0925 “Approach to Reading MRI Prostate”

Dr Chew Lee Lian 

Senior Consultant Radiologist,
National Cancer Centre Singapore
0925 – 0950 “Creating A ‘Space’ for Prostate SBRT”

Ms Ghislaine Lee

Medical Dosimetrist, National Cancer Centre Singapore
0950 – 1015“How to use SBRT to treat Prostate Cancer faster, safer and smarter”

Dr Hans Chung

Radiation Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
1015 – 1100Small Group Breakout Practicum
1100 – 1115Wrap Up by Expert Radiation Oncologist
1115 – 1145Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A
1145 – 1200Intermission / Product Demo
“What Physicians are Saying About SpaceOAR Hydrogel”
Boston Scientific
1200 – 1300

“Towards a world where everyone has access to the best cancer care”

Roger Soh, PhD
Global Product Marketing Manager Elekta Pte Ltd (30 mins talk) 15 mins Q&A

1300 – 1325

“Thoracic Surgical Management for Primary Lung Hilar Tumours”


Dr Harish Mithiran
Senior Consultant, Neumark Lung & Chest Surgery Center

1325 – 1335“Lung SBRT with Breath-hold – As Easy As ABC” 

Ms See Pei Shi

Principal Radiation Therapist, Asian Alliance Radiation & Oncology
1335 – 1350“Navigating Challenges: Strategies for Planning Central Lung

Mr Cai Shao Bin

Dosimetry Lead, National University
Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS)
1350 – 1415“SBRT for Lung Tumours – How Far Central Can We Go?”

Prof Suresh Senan

Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The
1415 – 1500Small Group Breakout Practicum
1500 – 1515Wrap Up by Expert Radiation Oncologist 
1515 – 1545Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A
1545 – 1600Product Demo
“HyperSight: A Revolution in Resolution”

Ms. Selena Hsieh, Varian
Senior Manager – Marketing, Southeast Asia and Korea

Programme – Day 2  | 27th August 2023

0800 – 0830 Day 2: On-site Registration


0830 – 0845 “State of the Art Imaging Techniques for Diagnosis and Response Evaluation of Bone Metastases”

Dr James Hallinan

Senior Consultant, Radiology (Musculoskeletal
Radiology, Neuroradiology)
National University Hospital
0845 – 0900 “Bone Metastases: The Role of IR in Multimodal Management?”

Dr Zhuang Kun Da
Senior Consultant, Department of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Singapore General Hospital
0900 – 0920 “Approach to SBRT for Non-Spine Bone Metastases and Clinical Target Volume Recommendations”

Dr Eric Tseng
Radiation Oncologist, Sunnybrook Health
Sciences Centre Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
0920 – 0935 “Non-Spine Bone SBRT – Radiation Therapy Perspective”

Ms Saher Ali

Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist – SBRT program, Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook
Health Sciences Centre
0935 – 1020 Small Group Breakout Practicum
1020 – 1035 Wrap Up by Expert Radiation Oncologist 
1035 – 1050 Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A
1130 – 1230 Lunch Symposium
1230-1255 “Imaging for Brain Mets”

Dr Eric Ting

Diagnostic Radiologist, Advanced
Medicine Imaging
1255-1320 “SRS planning and dosimetry”

Mr Phua Junhao

Medical Physicist,
National Cancer Centre Singapore
1320-1345 “Stereotactic Radiosurgery in the Management of Brain Metastases”

Prof Simon Lo

Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology Vice Chair of Strategic
Planning, University of Washington Medical Center
1345-1430 Small Group Breakout Practicum
1430-1445 Wrap Up by Expert Radiation Oncologist
1445-1515 Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A
1515-1530 Announcement of SPOT Contouring Hall of Fame Winners
1530-1545 Closing Remarks by Chairs